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Colored Steel Sheets

Colored Steel Sheets

These are CR, GI and G/L steel sheets that have been painted in diverse colors. They boast exquisite colors and beautiful surface finish, making them ideal for use in the manufacture of home electronics, household appliances, building materials and assembly metals.

*Possible to produce steel sheets in various other colors using resin

Paint (resin)-based classification Properties / Purpose of Use
Polyester resin (RMP) Use of polyester resin; construction materials such as roofs and walls for factories and storages, interior materials of buildings, dividers, fireproof doors, as well as exterior materials of electronics
Silicone resin (SMP) Use of silicone resin; interior and exterior building materials (molded steel sheets, sandwich panels, etc.) and materials and products requiring high corrosion resistance and weatherproofness
High weatherproof resin (HDP) Exterior building materials that need to be highly weatherproof due to prolonged exposure to the external environment
Contamination-resistant resin (EVER CLEAN) Use of hydrophilic paint that is highly resistance against contamination; it self cleans and is contamination resistant, so it is ideal for use as interior and exterior building materials and materials for fireproof doors, elevators, garage doors and steel houses, etc.
Fluorine resin (PVDF) Use of fluorine resin; area requiring materials that are highly resistant against corrosion, weathering and heat (roofs and walls, exterior building materials)