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Galvalume Steel Sheets (G/L)

Galvalume Steel Sheets (G/L)

Electr This is a highly corrosion-resistant aluminum (Al) and zinc (Zn) galvannealed sheet steel characterized by an ideal combination of the self-sacrificial corrosion resistance and alkali resistance provided Zn and the durability, thermal resistance and acid resistance provided by aluminum. The plating layer is 55% Al, 43.4% Zn and 16% Si, in terms of weight, while Al accounts for 80% of the volume. Thus, the strengths unique to Al are sufficiently expressed, while the vulnerability to scale development on the area of exposure was mitigated with Zn.

Properties It boasts corrosion resistance of around 3 to 6 times that of GI steel sheets. The beautiful appearance with a silvery white spangles makes it ideal for use on roofs and walls, without any paint application.
Purpose of Use External building materials incl. roof and wall materials, thermal (ondol) panels, boilers, pipes, premium fences, switchboard panels, home electronics and household appliances, etc.